Who Are We? 

        In Today’s business market most consumers want their products faster and easily accessible, this allows larger companies to dominate the consumer market worldwide. Our mission is to provide local small businesses with quality marketing management and promotions in order to increase community awareness bringing well deserved business back to the community, increasing local revenue and strengthen communities sense of togetherness. Our most important company strength is Love, We love what we do and enjoy the idea that we are helping our customers improve and expand what they love. Our attention to detail and fresh young innovative team play a huge role in our success. Our employees are all Millennials and know exactly what attracts their peers. The fact that our workers are so young gives us the tactical advantage of creativity, imagination and most importantly innocence.

        Lack of experience can be a beautiful weapon when the user doesn’t know what their limits are and are willing to work to achieve anything in their imagination without fears or box like mindsets. Personally I have an extensive background in understanding what people want to see on social media as I have grown up my entire life with some form of social internet platform. My background in the performing arts gives me a huge insight into the presentation and persuasion of any audience as I am required to understand what moves them emotionally and psychologically. An actor’s preparation and execution is very similar to that of a businessman and the same level of importance and attention to detail should exist in both.